Reduce Your Stress with the KonMari Method with Amy from Spark Joy New York

This week we talked with Amy Chinitz, LCSW, is a certified KonMari consultant. As one of the first 500 people globally to be Certified in Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method, she supports clients through the process of the KonMari method. Her therapeutic approach encourages self-reflection through a historical review of one’s possessions. Amy was declared a Home Detox expert by Goop during their Goop Health Summit in 2021 and applauded by Good Morning America for her pandemic pivot, connecting with clients through her curated online coaching program, “Tidy Home Sold.”

Chinitz has three master’s degrees as well as years of experience as an emotional care professional in both community social services and private practice settings. She helps facilitate ease, readiness, calm, and acceptance for clients who are going through transitional moments in life. In addition to her work as a KonMari consultant, she serves on the board of her children’s school’s Parent Teacher Association and has performed stand-up mom-comedy.

Amy has learned to leverage her social worker skills in relating to her clients and helping shepherd them through the process of decluttering using Marie Kondo’s world renowned, joy-centered approach to tidying up. If you aren’t familiar with this method you can read many of Marie Kondo’s books or check out her Netflix shows

 During our chat we dive in:

  • Social work and the benefits of joy-centered well being practices
  • Tips for honing in on your “spark-joy-o-meter”
  • Dealing with kids stuff and helping them learn to tidy up
  • What is the “Buy Nothing” movement

Learn more about Amy:

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