Let’s Get Organized with Natalie from The Organized Aesthetic

In this podcast episode, we talked with Natalie founder and owner of The Organized Aesthetic. Natalie offers organizing and productivity coaching services. She has a natural organizer mindset and has made it her mission to help busy women tackle the projects in home and life that have them feeling overwhelmed.

After a few years running her practice she extended her services by offering productivity coaching. She found that once we get your physical spaces & systems setup, we can you look mental systems, she ask clients, “what are the things that are cluttering your mind?, what are the things that are holding you back from being your most productive self?”

At Chasing Brighter we believe that getting organized is an understated factor in our overall mental health. Most people don’t realize how the clutter and chaos of their surroundings weighs them down physically and mentally. Learning how to get organized is an easy way you can greatly improve your life. Natalie helps her clients setup systems to organize and declutter to make our lives more fulfilling.

“Declutter and organizing is the gateway to a more productive life.”
– Natalie Piepsny, founder and owner of The Organized Aesthetic.

Key topics we discussed with Natalie in our episode:

  • How do we get started with organizing?
  • Tackling productivity and mental systems
  • Setting up physical spaces & systems
  • Do — Delegate — Delete
  • Putting the house to bed
  • The Give Back Box!
  • Starting a business based on your passion!

Natalie’s 5-Step Approach to Organizing

1. Set Goals | 2. Declutter | 3. Categorize | 4. Organize | 5. Maintain

Learn more about The Organized Aesthetic and Connect with Natalie:

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