Katie Rizzo took Risks to Follow Her Dreams

We spoke to Katie on our podcast — check it out here.

Katie, a CIA-trained chef, went from a lucrative hospitality job with over 300 employees on the Las Vegas strip to being the water girl at a restaurant in Maine.  She took a big risk by leaving it all behind but she wanted to find a better balance in life and felt like she was missing something. She always wanted to be a wife and mother, but put that on hold while starting her career. She ended up being the water server at a restaurant where she quickly met a man who would soon be her husband.  Now Katie and her husband, Nickolas, also a CIA-trained chef, run Rizzo Hospitality where they are private chefs and caterers for families, small groups and corporate teams.  They also offer cooking classes for all levels as well as fresh pasta, sauces and cannoli’s for preorder. 

Experience A Private Chef Fine Dining Experience In Las Vegas Like No Other Check out Rizzo Hospitality today! 

Rizzo Hospitality is excited to offer a PRE-ORDER pasta & sauces now available on their online shop.

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During our recent podcast episode with Katie, she shared with us some simple meal ideas that are chef-approved:

  1. Tacos – Make different ethnic versions of tacos Maybe with kimchi or soy cabbage for an asian flare… Maybe pesto on shrimp. With a base of corn or flour tortillas. Italians have piadini, which is a thin flatbread, you can put charcuterie inside with an aioli.  These are great for kids because anyone can choose whatever fillings they like. 
  1. Pasta – Keep a variety of sauces in the freezer to whip up a quick dinner. You can have different pastas in the pantry and whip up a quick dinner. Add a salad for a well balanced meal. 
  1. Lasagna or Stuffed Shells – Make stuffed shells or lasagna ahead of time and freeze.  Then you will have a meal ready when you feel short on time. 
  1. Roasted veggies with potatoes – Make ahead roasted veggies with potatoes.  Add protein for a quick meal. Keep a protein cooked in the fridge: ground beef, chicken breast, bison, etc. 
  1. Soup – You can also freeze soup and whip up paninis with soup for a fast dinner. 

Order items for pickup from Rizzo Hospitality here.  They are selling pesto, bolognese, lasagna bolognese, lasagna pesto, cannoli and fresh pasta. 

Did you know some people who are gluten-intolerant can usually handle European-based flours that are less processed and more natural?  Katie recommendations to try for those who struggle to tolerate gluten: 

Antimo Caputo Chef’s Flour — This is a flour Katie and Nickolas love to use. 
Rummo Pasta — Rummo is an amazing brand of pasta that is like our “Barilla” here. It is just now being sold West Coast and a little more well known on East Coast.

Learn more about Rizzo Hospitality:

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