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“I will trust you until you prove to me that I shouldn’t. Then it will be a long road back to earning my trust”
-Darlene Brock

Darlene Brock is the President and Co-Founder of The Grit and Grace Project, author of “Raising Great Girls”, and co-host of This Grit and Grace Life Podcast. While raising her two daughters, Darlene found time to produce award-winning music videos, manage recording artists, promote concerts throughout the world and serve as COO of ForeFront Records. 

In 2015, Darlene began to seek out women who understood the value of building relationships, nurturing children, pursuing careers, and finding self-worth. These women formed The Grit and Grace Project, which is a community of strong women who have come together to share life lessons learned and wisdom gained. 

Their faith is paramount to who they are and what they do. Through articles, videos, social media channels, and “This Grit and Grace Life” podcast, Darlene and her team offer you the encouragement you need to build strength in your own Grit and Grace Life.

We are so lucky that Darlene took time out of her busy schedule to join us in a talk about parenting. Check out her episode here.  She shares what she has learned while raising two daughters. When it comes to parenting, we can recognize that we need not sweat the small stuff, but what is the small stuff? Darlene sums up what we should really be focusing on when it comes to raising great kids.

Our Episode with Darlene

Checkout our latest podcast episode!

Grades aren’t that important.  You do not need to hyperfocus on your child’s academic performance. C’s are okay, unless you think your child can do better.  The fact is that most CEO’s in America were C students. Also, most business owners were C students. If you explore google you will find tons of articles and research about why C students are more likely to be risk takers and succeed in business. 

The real focus is on your child’s character.  Most parents want their children to be honest, hard working, kind, responsible, and have integrity.  You can be flexible and allow them a bit more freedom and grace. You are encouraging them to be the human you would like to be. Trusting your child gives them confidence that they can make the right decisions.

Darlene has found that women need to find confidence in themselves and prioritize their needs.  It’s about finding strategies to take things off our plate so that we can focus on what truly matters. One way to do this is to evaluate where you are spending your time or what activities you might have your kid in.  Darlene says “every child is talented, but not every child possesses every talent.” She recommends exposing your child to a variety of activities and see what lights them up. It’s more important to focus on spending quality time with your child. These moments create scenarios in which your child can share about themselves, which becomes critical as children transition into their teen years and even early adulthood. This is not possible when we fill their world with activities.

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At This Grit & Grace Life Podcast, co-hosts Darlene Brock and Julie Bender, bring real answers to the questions women are asking.

Raising Great Girls is a book by Darlene Brock, written for all the imperfect moms with imperfect daughters.
GritandGraceLife.com is an online magazine created to inspire women to be strong, passionate, and comfortable in the skin they’re in.

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