Talking about Sex & Physical Intimacy with Dr.Laura!

Our guest on this week’s podcast is Dr. Laura Deitsch, DHS, MS, NCC.  She has her doctorate in human sexuality and for more than a decade, has worked with diverse groups of people in the Las Vegas community on health education, social reproductive justice and mental health issues. Now she’s parlayed those skills and her counseling degree into being an amazing mental health therapist. Her past work history includes community needs assessment projects, strategic planning, curriculum development, individual and group counseling and education, community resource referrals and coalition building.  Laura is also an advocate for improving the implementation of sex education in Clark County schools. 

Laura understands that our childhood and family of origin impact our thoughts and feelings about sex: What are people’s thoughts, ideas and values about sex, their bodies and intimacy.  If you were raised in a home in which sex was shameful, which is highly likely if you were raised in America, check out these tips from Laura. 

In a relationship? 
Talking to your partner about sex and physical intimacy builds connection and strengthens relationship bonds.  Ask questions to each other and share if you are fearful and explain why. Here are some simple tips on increasing intimacy with your partner: 

  • Find opportunities to have a conversation about sex 
  • Explore pornography 
  • Share fantasies with each other – it doesn’t mean you need to act them out
  • Read erotica stories, poems or passages to each other
  • Create a “yes, no, maybe” list
  • Go to an adult toy store
  • Check out Laura Corn’s book “101 Grrreat Quickies”

Have you talked to your kids about sex and their bodies?
Starting at any age, the earlier the better, talk to your kids about sex and their bodies.  Encourage them to be proud of their bodies and teach them that they have a say about their bodies.  Teaching consent at an earlier age by respecting “no”.  Laura recommends using books to talk about sex and bodies with your kids and likes books by author, Robie Harris:

Talking about sex and physical intimacy can be difficult, but it’s so important. Laura also recommends checking out he book “The Ethical Slut” by Janet Hardy which is a class guide to love, intimacy and sex. Our podcast episode, “Talking about Sex and Physical Intimacy with Laura,” is a great place to start and be sure to follow Laura on Facebook Instagram for more tips and advice. 

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