Finding Meaning and Purpose From Loss with Dr. Corinne Cherek

We recently sat down with, Dr. Corinne Cherek, Founder of Grace from Grief counselling. Dr. Cherek spoke of the deep and tragic loss of her daughter and granddaughter, “I was at the top of my game. I was starting to speak. I was writing a book. I was getting remarried. My daughter was having a baby. This was the time of our life and it all came crashing down.”

She shares her own journey with grief and loss. She tells us when grieving try to look forward:

  • Plan a trip, connect with a friend, go back to college. Start small with something that inspires you. Reconnect with nature.
  • Find strength in a higher power: God, love, anything higher than you.
  • Questioning “if I would have done this or that” is a natural part of grief. We do not want to accept that we have no control.

In her grief counseling practice, Grace from Grief, she addresses the correlation between grief, loss, trauma, traumatic loss and/or illness, and addiction.  She does this with a focus on spiritual recovery, empowering hope, encouraging compassion, and self love in support of personal and spiritual transformation.  

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References Corinne Shares in the episode:

Dr. Corinne Cherek has a Doctorate in Philosophy, Specializing in Transpersonal Counseling and a Masters Degree in Metaphysics. She also has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. She is a Master Board Certified Chaplain and Spiritual Counselor. Learn more how Dr. Cherek helps others in her practice Grace from Grief.

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