Amazing Tips on Family Travel in Europe with Abroad Wife

Lindsey, known as Abroad Wife on her popular blog and Instagram page, is an American mom of three who lives as an expat in Germany. She has been raising her family abroad for over 10 years. Her favorite thing about living abroad is the opportunities for family travel. She loves traveling to new places and experiencing new things. Lindsey wants everyone to know that traveling with children isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it. She hopes that by sharing her experiences she can help make it easier for other traveling families.

Lindsey’s blog is a valuable resource for anyone interested in expat life and European travel with kids. She shares her experiences and expertise on a range of topics, including travel planning, family-friendly destinations, and cultural immersion. In this interview, we had the pleasure of talking to Lindsey about her blog and her experiences living abroad.

When traveling to a location where there is a language barrier, accept that it will be uncomfortable.  You can learn phrases, utilize apps like Google Translate, but it will be uncomfortable.  Traveling helps you to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. That is part of the journey and part of the experience. 

The Benefit of Traveling with Kids

  • Creates flexibility – Kids learn to be adaptable to new environments and adjust to unexpected plans.
  • Broadens perspective – There is a world outside of themselves, their world. There are people that do things different than them.
  • Open Mindedness – Kids learn to find joys in unexpected places making them more open to trying new things and ideas.

Inspired to get the family out and about?  Here are Lindsey’s tips on getting started:

  1. Start with day trip
  2. Move to weekend trip
  3. Work your way up to flying
  4. Plan a trip abroad (choose a location that fits your family’s interests)
  5. Balance  Itinerary with locations that might take some focus and with local playgrounds or the beach. Find playgrounds through other travel blogs or google maps. Look up “playground” in the local language. 
  6. Manage expectations and try not to put more than 1 or 2 big excursions on your daily itinerary. 

Resources for planning a trip: 

Researching Flights
Sky Scanner in Europe
Google Flights
Finding restaurants and activities at your destination
Google Maps & Reviews
Trip Advisor

“There are no bad trips”

-Lindsey at

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