Mindful Drinking for Balanced Living with Angel Uribe

“Moderation Management is a tool that when coupled with the right kind of support can help my clients reduce the frequency and amount of their drinking by up to 40 percent, no more taking breaks to prove they can…just confidence and peace of mind that they feel knowing they are consistently in full control of when, where, and how much they have to drink! ”

Angel’s Courses and Programs

Angel’s program, Mindful Drinking for Balanced Living , is a 6 week course that includes a workbook, coursework, one on one work, live Zoom sessions, and and option to join her community. Participants will learn strategies to come at drinking from a place of calm. The course also helps participants develop strategies to develop balance in all aspects of life, not just one’s relationship with alcohol. Angel encourages everyone to think about their chemical health the same way we think of all aspects of health.

From June 12-16th, Angel will go live every day at 12noon CST to talk about Mindful drinking and to support her audience in getting a jump start on establishing healthy habits around their relationship with alcohol. During this challenge Angel will give her top tools and tips and support. She is hoping participants will be inspired to get started in reframing their relationship with alcohol. Every day she will demonstrate a new mocktail option, provide a mindful moment quote, and ask a curious question to help others explore their relationship with alcohol. 

Our Episode with Angel

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Angel’s Orange Cranberry Mocktail

Most of us crave a refreshing beverage when out socializing. Angel recommends ordering a mocktail. Her go to drink is a cranberry and orange juice drink is sure to delight your senses. Similar to a punch, this mixed drink is refreshingly fizzy with the tart accents of cranberry and orange. Enjoy this fruity drink as a refreshing summer cocktailThis easy drink contains a mixture of tart cranberry juice, orange juice, 7UP and a splash of lime. It’s simple with just one part 7Up, 1 part cranberry juice, 1 part orange juice and a splash of lime from a lime wedge. You can add any slice of citrus fruit for a fun garnish.

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