Emily Johnson of For The Love, LV

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Podcast Episode with Emily

“When starting a business you have to be ready to learn”

Meet Emily Johnson, the owner of For the Love, LV, a Las Vegas boutique that offers contemporary casual clothing for men and women. Emily is a mom of four who stayed home to raise her children for ten years. During the pandemic, while having all four kids home, she knew she wanted to go back to work. Sparked by her love of fashion and desire to be in the Arts District of Las Vegas, Emily, with the love and support of her family, opened For the Love, LV. Obviously, this amazing mama has moments of stress and chaos. We sat down to talk with Emily about being an entrepreneur and dove into what helps her keep a healthy mindset and establish work/life balance.

“An attitude of gratitude takes you so far”

Emily centers her life around an attitude of gratitude.  This started when she became sober over 8 years ago.  It was recommended to her to start a gratitude practice.  She engaged her mama tribe of amazing women and they began to email each other 5 things that they are grateful for on a daily basis. They have been doing this for over 8 years.  Sometimes the gratitude has a focus such as gratitude for a spouse or gratitude for a child that you might be having difficulty with at the moment.  This practice has changed Emily’s life for the better.

“Success is not measured by the money you make, but the friends and relationships that you cultivate”

Emily has redefined success. Success is not about how much is in your bank account, it’s about surrounding yourself with people that have a positive energy and loving vibe. She collaborates with local artisans such as the vintage collector and textile maker, @dustdrunklove, who sells her items in the back of the boutique. She also works with, Kyla Katona, owner of “Gypsy in My Pocket” whose products feature a unique variety of ethically sourced handmade and hand-loomed Turkish towels, Turkish washcloths, Turkish hand towels, antique kilim pillows, tea stools, poufs, Turkish Kilim coasters, upcycled Kantha blankets, Kantha bags, Moroccan Floor Poufs, and Moroccan ceramics. Each shares a story unique to the woman who created it and celebrates the ancient, women-centric textile traditions that are found around the world. 

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