February Book Club: ‘You Will Find Your People’

This month we have focused on relationships. One key topic we love to talk about are friendships so we are excited to delve into the fascinating world of friendships and self-discovery in the book “You Will Find Your People: How to Make Meaningful Friendships as an Adult” by Lane Moore. In this groundbreaking guide, Moore takes us on a journey of friendship, providing valuable insights and practical tools for making and maintaining meaningful connections in adulthood.

Our key insights from the book:

  • The Importance of Friendships
    From the very beginning, Moore emphasizes the significance of friendships in our lives. She acknowledges that as adults, finding genuine and lasting connections can be challenging. However, she assures readers that through self-discovery and the courage to be vulnerable, we can build strong bonds that enrich our lives.
  • Exploring the Author’s Journey
    Moore’s book is not just a how-to guide; it is a captivating story of her personal journey. Initially skeptical, the author eventually uncovers her own attachment styles and unhealthy relationship patterns. By following her progression towards self-discovery, readers gain valuable insights into their own friendships, allowing for personal growth and transformation.
  • Navigating Different Friendship Dynamics
    One of the highlights of “You Will Find Your People” is Moore’s exploration of various friendship dynamics. She provides practical advice for navigating friendships with coworkers, roommates, and even family members. Additionally, Moore delves into the importance of establishing healthy boundaries to foster deeper connections.
  • The Power of Vulnerability
    Throughout the book, Moore emphasizes te role of vulnerability in forming meaningful friendships. She beautifully highlights how vulnerability is not a weakness but a foundation for true strength. By being open and authentic, we can find our truest allies and cultivate deep connections that endure the test of time.
  • Developing Self-Awareness and Discovering Needs
    One aspect that sets this book apart is Moore’s emphasis on self-awareness. She prompts readers to delve deep into understanding their own needs, dreams, and experiences. By gaining a better understanding of ourselves, we can become more intentional about the kind of friendships we seek and cultivate.
  • Letting Go and Making Room for Better Connections
    Moore encourages readers to let go of friendships that no longer serve them. She reminds us that it is okay to outgrow certain relationships and make space for healthier connections. By doing so, we create opportunities for more fulfilling and supportive bonds to enter our lives.
  • Extending Kindness and Building Strong Connections
    Towards the end of the book, Moore offers practical tips for extending kindness to our friends. Through small gestures like dropping off coffee, sending playlists, or handwritten letters, we can deepen our connections and show our genuine care and support.

Green Flags of Friendship

  • You’re able to relax around them. This is something I’ve consistently seen when I’m around my favorite people. And while it might take a while, especially if you have anxiety, the best people are the ones who make you feel safe to be all versions of yourself.
  • You feel safe to make mistakes. You feel safe to be misunderstood, safe to be given the benefit of the doubt if you say something unclear, and safe to not worry if you are doing everything “right” or else they’ll be mad at you.
  • You’re able to have disagreements and communicate your feelings openly, knowing you’re both on the same team. If you have this with someone, this is such a great sign. Especially if you, like me, spent many past friendships scared to ever bring anything up. It’s so freeing to be around someone who allows you to do that in a way where you know everyone will be respectful and respected.
  • You don’t worry about where you stand with them. Or if you do, they’re always quick to put you at ease and happy to address those feelings of uncertainty or insecurity that may be coming up because of your past experiences.

You Will Find Your People” is a heartfelt and relatable guide to navigating the complex world of adult friendships. Layne Moore’s authentic storytelling and practical wisdom make this book a valuable resource for anyone seeking to cultivate meaningful connections. So, if you’re longing for deeper conversations, a sense of belonging, and the empowerment that comes with finding your tribe, this book is a must-read. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and let the power of meaningful friendships transform your life.

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