Navigating the Holiday Season and Mindfulness w/Susie Izzo

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, but it can also be a challenging time when it comes to our relationship with food. In a recent interview with Suzie Izzo, she shared some valuable insights on how to navigate this season mindfully.

One of the key strategies Suzie suggests is adjusting our journaling and affirmations to align with the holiday season. By acknowledging our past experiences with food and indulgence, we can remind ourselves that we already know what certain treats taste like. Suzie emphasizes that we don’t have to keep revisiting those experiences and can choose to let go of the need to taste them again. This self-awareness can help us make more mindful choices and resist the temptation to overindulge.

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Suzie also highlights the power of pausing and practicing mindfulness before reaching for food. Instead of mindlessly grabbing whatever is in front of us, she encourages taking a few conscious breaths and reconnecting with our goals. By being present in the moment and considering how certain foods will make us feel tomorrow, we can make choices that align with our long-term well-being. The importance of being mindful of our mouths cannot be overstated.

Suzie reminds us to stay aware of our oral sensations and how they relate to our goals. By staying connected to the purpose behind our choices, we can make decisions that support our health and avoid regrets later. In conclusion, Suzie Izzo’s interview provides valuable insights on approaching the holiday season with mindfulness and intention when it comes to food.

By adjusting our journaling and affirmations, pausing to consider our goals, and staying mindful of our mouths, we can navigate this season in a way that honors both our enjoyment and our well-being. With Suzie’s guidance, let’s embrace a festive season filled with mindful choices and a nourishing relationship with food.

About Susie:

Susie was an active child but in her teenage years she developed a bad relationship with her self image and with food. Diet and exercise was a constant struggle until she started focusing on her health and wellness with a different approach. Leaving behind everything she thought she knew about being healthy, Susie invested in herself, discovered wellness practices that worked for her, started to rewire her thought process and began to live a healthier, holistic lifestyle. 

Now, whether it be through her corporate wellness company, Vitality, or by connecting with her students as a certified fitness instructor, Susie’s main goal is to share all the benefits she has received in order to help others be the best version of themselves. Susie believes that the words we speak to ourselves are the most important, that movement is life and good nutrition is power. If we can stay mindful in our goals and practice gratitude for the capabilities we possess, we can make the connection that mental and physical health is the only true wealth. 

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