Teen Parenting with Purpose with Alex Linderman from Building Hope Counseling

This week we spoke with Alex Linderman, a Clinical Professional Counselor and founder of Building Hope Counseling, to discuss parenting teens. He currently offers a class called “Parenting with Purpose” through is practice. Here is what he have covered:

  • His personal experiences with loss and connecting with other parents
  • Build a practice around supporting other parents
  • Course on parenting
  • Moving away from physical punishment
  • Helping kids in becoming intrinsically motivated
  • Giving your teen autonomy at home
  • Building an independent young adult
  • Teaching kids to appreciate the world around them and their local community
  • Take time to truly listen to your child
  • Set an example with kids by spending less time on your electronic devices
“a constant rhetoric labeling that parents put on themselves, ‘I’m a bad parent.’ It could be traditionally, it could be culturally, it could be self perception, getting rid of those labels is what parents need to do. My parenting classes is helping them see that it’s really about connecting and understanding the child’s needs and empathetically, see them as a real person and getting rid of those labels is essential.”
-Alex Linderman, CPC

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