Our Favorite Author of 2022 is Taylor Jenkins Reid

We love reading!

From reducing stress and increasing the quality of sleep to slowing down the onset of dementia, the benefits of regularly putting time aside to lose ourselves in a good book are far-reaching and, in some cases, life-changing.

While we try to read many different genres to expand our horizons, Jess and I have our own tastes when it comes to reading but there are a few authors that come along we both love. 

This year one of the authors we both continued to gravitate to is Taylor Jenkins Reid — each books she writes focuses around a loosely detailed story of pop culture of the past.  In her other books, Malibu RisingDaisy Jones and The Six, and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, she explores marriage, sports, rock n’ roll, Hollywood fame, destiny, and true love. We love her books because they are always so well-written and full of suspense.  We can’t get enough of her writing!

While writing this blog post, I dove deeper into Taylor’s background and found her to be an inspiration for us at Chasing Brighter.  In 2011, she left her job to focus on writing. Despite several setbacks, she continued to follow her passion for writing.  That resilience and determination has made her a best selling author today. 

She’s been open about her ambition, unapologetically. In a article in Vanity Fair, Reid was quoted: “Ambition has to be interrogated. It’s not just, Oh, because I’m a woman, my ambition is revolutionary and good. We have to move one step beyond and say, At what point are you going to have enough? You still have an obligation to contribute to the world, not just in a way that serves yourself.”  

Ambition requires a combination of unwavering tenacity, hard work, and dedication, and while some of us are afraid to stick to it, Reid’s ambitions have paid off.  This year, Reid, is back with a new book, Carrie Soto Is Back. The book was just awarded the best Historical Fiction for 2022 by Goodreads.

Her books are always a favorite of book clubs because they generate so much discussion.  If you haven’t read any from her, we recommend picking one up today!!